Hamilton Looking for Cass County Crime Stoppers

By Benjamin Cox on July 18, 2019 at 8:55am

The Crime Stoppers duo is looking to add a third member.

The Morgan-Scott Crime Stoppers program is looking for at least two Cass County residents to join its board as Cass County joins the organization that already includes Morgan and Scott County. The main objective is for the volunteers to act as liaisons between both Crime Stoppers and the Cass community.

Crime Stoppers coordinator Loren Hamilton describes why he feels it is important for Cass County to be included in the citizen, law enforcement, and media collaboration in helping local crimes get solved.

“The object is to get information out about local crime through the media and then link individuals. It gives the public an anonymous tool to turn information on known and unknown crimes and in many cases we are seeing a reward for that.”

Hamilton also explains what the Cass residents will be expected to do as part of joining the organization.

“There is a monthly meeting. We meet once a month to discuss business and bring up the cases that we would work on during the month, so that is a requirement. The other requirement over in Cass County since I am not in Cass County, is we would need them to be our spokespeople to contact businesses, schools, put up signage, and be the face of Crime Stoppers in Cass County.”

Having already had a Crime Stoppers program before and losing it due to not having enough people volunteer to take part in it, Hamilton is hopeful that this time around, more people will be willing to get involved.

“I need people in the seats. Ideally, we would have board members throughout Cass County, Beardstown, Virginia and Ashland. In order to do that, they need to contact me if they have the interest and the time to do that. My direct number is (217) 479-3561 if they are very interested in doing that.”

Hamilton hopes to be able to have the Crime Stoppers program in Cass County by the fall.