Hamilton Selected As 2023 Crime Stoppers Coordinator of the Year, Elected to State President For 4th Term

By Benjamin Cox on May 3, 2023 at 6:36am

Morgan, Scott & Cass Counties Crime Stoppers Coordinator Loren Hamilton has been awarded the 2023 Coordinator of the Year Award from the Illinois State Crime Stoppers Association. Hamilton was selected for the honor by his peers.

The award says it is given for activity that exhibits Motivation & Professionalism in the promotion of the Crime Stoppers concept throughout Illinois. This is the seventh time Hamilton has achieved the honor. He says the award really speaks more to those around him than about his individual work: “I’m very fortunate. It’s not me. I have a very, very supportive board of directors. I have officers from three different counties that work our tips. I give them the tips, and they could let them lie under the desk or they could actually be worked. We’re very fortunate that the officers in our area work those tips.”

Hamilton was also re-elected as the organization’s President to serve his fourth term. Hamilton is the longest serving President in the organization’s 37-year history.

The ISCA offers assistance and guidance to 65 Crime Stoppers organizations throughout Illinois, as well as assists in developing new groups in areas not presently served. Hamilton is employed by the Jacksonville Police Department as its Community Service Officer.