Hayes Cries Foul in DCFS Move Downtown

By Gary Scott on February 23, 2022 at 12:57pm

A downtown building owner is crying foul in an apparent move by a state office out of a north side building.

            There are moving vans stationed outside of the DCFS building, which housed the Sears store years ago.

            The building is owned by Mike Hayes. He says the building is safe, in good shape, and complaints about a leaky roof were addressed over the weekend.

            He says he walked the building and the roof over the weekend to make sure it was safe, and the leaks were repaired. Hayes says he has reached out to state officials, but has had no response as of noon today.

            Hayes says the department of children and family services has been a tenant in the building for over 15 years.  He says he was contacted when roof leaks popped up after the big snow.

            Hayes says he has told central management service officials that a new roof will be done. Hayes says efforts to put on a new roof are in the plans for this spring, once supplies resume and the weather breaks.

            He says he and others on his staff have been monitoring the building on a daily basis.

             Hayes says he was e-mailed papers yesterday from a Chicago attorney saying the office would move out unless the leaks and repairs were done by February 25th. That’s this Friday.

            He has tried to reach her, but she has not returned his phone calls.

            Hayes says the state is breaking its lease with no notice. And, he is still owed money on the lease. The last payment made was in December, and it was for July.

            Hayes says the building is very structurally sound. He thinks the state wants to close the local office, and is looking for an excuse. He also thinks the decision was made long before now.

            Hayes says Mayor Andy Ezard is looking into the situation.