Hayes Talks about Plans for Annie Merner-McClelland

By Gary Scott on February 4, 2021 at 6:50am

The new owner of a couple of the more prominent buildings on the former MacMurray College hopes to begin using those facilities this spring.

     Mike Hayes owns several buildings on the Mac campus, including Annie Merner Chapel and McClelland Dining Hall.

     Hayes says he is working with the owners of a local catering service to use the chapel and dining hall as an ideal wedding setting.

      Hayes says he is working with George Hamilton at Hamilton’s to provide catering service at McClelland.

     Annie Merner can seat up to 11-hundred people.

     Hayes had worked with MacMurray College to help stage maintenance of the buildings.

     He plans on looking at two of the dorm halls for housing.

      He says Kathryn and Rutledge Halls will be used for housing. Hayes says MacMurray Hall could be used for school purposes.

     Hayes says the winery off East Morton should be ready to open sometime this spring. He says wine is being made on the grounds, and the buildings are nearing completion.