Haypress Falls Raises $3,500 For Greene Co. Gas Cards For Cancer Program

By Benjamin Cox on January 6, 2022 at 3:02pm

Vetter pictured with 20 year old resident Prancer who is a regular for the Christmas season at Haypress Falls.

An annual Christmas lights display in rural Greene County kept up its annual tradition of helping area cancer patients.

The Greene Prairie Press reports that the Haypress Falls Christmas lights display was able to raise and donate $3,500 this year to Boyd Memorial Hospital’s gas cards for Cancer program.

A photo of the money & change donated by visitors to Haypress Falls.

The money is the proceeds that Denny Vetter raised from the donation box that sits at the entrance to his annual Christmas Lights display for those that enter to give of their own free will. Vetter never charges people to enter the display that surrounds his home. This year’s dollar amount was the second-largest they have collected since they began accepting donations.

The display has been regularly raising money for the program since they began donating to it after a suggestion from one of Vetter’s neighbors 6 years ago. The display has been a regular Greene County holiday tradition since 2005. The Vetters have raised $16,500 for the program over the six years they’ve began collecting donations.

According to Vetter, there were 43 full pages of his guest book this year with visitors from 7 different states.