Hearing Set in South Jacksonville Mayoral Petition Challenge

By Jeremy Coumbes on January 8, 2021 at 10:16am

A hearing has been set on the objection to the petition for candidacy in the contested election for Mayor of South Jacksonville.

The Village of South Jacksonville’s Electoral Board will meet at 6:00 pm next Tuesday, January 12th to consider the objection by candidate Dick Samples, on the Petition for Election of his opponent Tyson Manker.

The Electoral Board met in quick fashion at the Village Hall on Dewey Drive last night to lay out the rules and, members of the Board and decide on a date.

During the meeting which lasted less than ten minutes, Chairman and current Village Mayor Harry Jennings said the motion to strike and dismiss the objection filed by Manker would be heard first.

If approved, Samples’ objection would be dismissed and the matter considered over. If the motion to strike is dismissed, the Board will then hear arguments in consideration of the objection to Manker’s petition.

When questioned by Chairman Jennings as to if either will seek legal council for next week’s hearing, Samples acknowledged he will not. Manker who attended the meeting remotely, and is an attorney by profession, responded to question by saying “I am legal counsel.”

Along with Chairman Jennings, Village Clerk Megan Moore and current longest tenured Village Trustee Paula Belobrajdic-Stewart will serve on the board.

The hearing is set for 6:00 pm Tuesday at the South Jacksonville Village Hall on Dewy Drive.