Heartland Greenway Carbon Sequestration Pipeline Project Moves Forward

By Benjamin Cox on October 18, 2021 at 2:29pm

A large carbon capture sequestration project is moving forward in West Central Illinois. Navigator CO2 Ventures LLC announced on Thursday that as a result of commitments received during its binding open season, it has obtained the necessary board approvals to proceed with its proposed carbon capture pipeline system, the Heartland Greenway.

According to the company in a press release, The Heartland Greenway is the first substantial, fully integrated CO2 handling system to reach a final investment decision.

The Heartland Greenway’s first phase is projected to commence initial service in early 2025 and span approximately 1,300 miles across five Midwest states to nearly 20 receipt points. The project is slated to transport and sequester up to 15 million metric tons per year once fully expanded.

The project is possibly positioned to cross through portions of Pike, Scott, Brown, and Cass among other counties in Illinois.