Heated Exchange Between VOSJ Trustee & Employee Bookends Argument Over Ambulance Service

By Benjamin Cox on June 5, 2020 at 10:58am

A screenshot of Village President Harry Jennings participating at the end of the exchange between Village trustee Todd Warrick and Village employee Dana Jokisch.

A heated verbal argument between a Village of South Jacksonville trustee and a village fire department employee was captured on video after last night’s village board meeting. A YouTube video published to Village Trustee Todd Warrick’s YouTube Channel recorded events after the meeting convened last night.

According to eye witnesses that included Trustee Jason Hill, Village President Harry Jennings, and Fire Chief Richard Evans, Jr.; Warrick and village fire department employee Dana Jokisch began an exchange of words as Warrick was exiting Village Hall. Jokisch’s voice can be heard on the video but she is never seen.

A link to the video can be found here.

Many of the village’s firefighters were on hand asking for the board of trustees to not de-fund the village’s ambulance service. The firefighters, at one point during the meeting prior to the incident, had said they would not take their annual salary to ensure the service continues for village residents.

WLDS News reached out to Village President Harry Jennings, Village Chief of Police Tim Mann, and Village Fire Chief Richard Evans, Jr. for comment. We have received no comment via phone or email communications at this time.