Hospital Sisters Mission Outreach Collecting Medical Supplies for Area Hospitals

By Benjamin Cox on March 24, 2020 at 8:47am

Area hospitals and clinics will be getting help with their medical supply shortage. The Hospital Sisters Mission Outreach will begin accepting donations of specific supplies at their 4930 LaVerna Road address in Springfield on Wednesday from 1-4PM.

Executive Director of the Outreach Georgia Winson says the public should bring only crucial medical supply items. “This drive is asking the community to bring specific items that can be used in clinical settings as personal protective equipment. We’re asking the community to provide boxes of unused procedural masks and especially if they have N95 masks. We are also asking for clean, unused gowns and boxed, unused gloves. We will be accepting the handmade masks. On our website, we have information about and a YouTube video on how to make the masks. We want alcohol wipes, bleach wipes, and hand sanitizer.”

The supplies will be going to HSHS St. John’s Hospital and their medical group, Memorial Health Systems, Springfield Clinic, SIU Medicine, the Sangamon County Health Department as well as the Sisters own hospital clinics. Winson says that the donations must be specific. “We cannot accept anything that is not on the list. We are very pleased that StarCrest Cleaners has agreed to launder them and package them prior to us giving those to the hospitals. The handmade masks are going to be used in less clinical settings. They do provide some protection. Those masks are not really appropriate in fighting the spread of the COVID-19 virus. What they are going to do is allow for some really good stewardship of those precious N95 masks that our healthcare providers need so much in working with the COVID-19 patients. We’re really grateful that so many people are willing to make those masks and donate them to protect people in the community.”

People should only drop off supplies at the 4930 LaVerna Road address. The sisters hope to continue the donation drive every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday until April 3rd. For more information, contact the outreach mission at 217-525-8843 or visit them on their website