Hugo Kringle Keeping An Eye Out During the Holiday Season

By Benjamin Cox on December 16, 2019 at 1:09pm

Hugo entertains two visitors to Our Town Books on Sunday.

One of Santa Claus’s immediate family members made a stop at Our Town Books on he square yesterday. Hugo Kringle, the musically talented younger brother of Santa Claus visited with about 10 kids yesterday at the book store and told stories about growing up with a famous older sibling. Hugo says he got his magical powers after he turned his cheek with a magical lady in the forest, called a Norn, all those years ago.

Kringle said the norn touched Santa Claus on the top of the head to grant him all of his special powers and touched him on the cheek to gift him with stories and song. “I think I got a better deal in the whole thing,” Hugo said.

Hugo plays the jaw harp on one of his original Christmas tunes, telling the story of Santa Claus’ early years.

Hugo says he uses his gifts to help his brother keep up the hectic pace of getting toys to everyone on Christmas. “Santa asks me to travel around and tell stories during Christmas time and to keep an eye on all of the boys and girls. It takes alot of people to help Santa be Santa.”

Hugo’s work will carry on into the new year. You can hear his stories about growing up with Santa Claus as well as other Christmas stories and songs at the Jacksonville Public Library on December 30th at 10AM. “I like to tell stories about how Santa came into his powers. You have to crawl before you can walk. He didn’t start out with flying reindeer. He actually started out with bunny rabbits.”

Hugo says its his 7th year in Illinois, and he enjoys how much warmer it is south of the North Pole and how many children he gets to talk to all year long, while his brother only gets to visit everyone just once a year.