HVAC Unit Causes Small Fire at Goodwill Warehouse

By Benjamin Cox on March 2, 2023 at 7:19am

The Jacksonville Fire Department responded to a structure fire at an industrial complex on Jacksonville’s west end yesterday afternoon.

Emergency services were requested at the Goodwill Warehouse, formerly Capitol Records, at 211 Capitol Way at 1:37PM for a structure fire. Upon arrival, fire officials determined that personnel in the building had evacuated safely.

Upon entry into the front of the building, firefighters discovered smoke to be issuing from ducting and a smell of burnt plastic was emanating throughout the building. Firefighters then accessed the roof and inspected HVAC units and determined that one of the units had a blower that mechanically failed causing the smoke and odor. Firefighters then engaged an electrical shut off switch to prevent further issues. According to estimates, about $500 in damage was done to the unit.

After further inspection, firefighters cleared the scene at 2:13PM seeing no further potential fire ignition possibilities.