Hy-Vee Receives Approval From City to Install Pharmacy Window

By Benjamin Cox on June 3, 2024 at 5:43am

The Jacksonville City Council approved a second reading of a rezone request for Hy-Vee to install a pharmacy window.

City Planner Brian Nyberg says that some minor construction is going to have to take place to install the window on the northwest corner of the building. It will operate as a pickup and drop off point for a pharmacy inside the store. According to Nyberg, there will not be an actual window for traffic but just be a cylinder system for the drop off and pick up of prescription medication.

Nyberg says some significant work will have to take place between Hy-Vee and their western neighbor Home Depot, as the pavement will need to be widened in the right-of-way to allow for the turnaround of large trucks and the extension for a fire lane.

Tina Potthoff, senior vice president of communications for Hy-Vee, said via email to WLDS News that construction on the project is expected to begin in mid-June. No timeline for opening of the pharmacy has been announced. Minor remodeling of the northwest corner of the store near the current floral and produce department is expected.