I.C. Alumni Association Elects New Leadership

By Jeremy Coumbes on December 12, 2019 at 4:17pm

The Illinois College Alumni Association has elected new leadership.

Through an alumni ballot, Marcy Bramley Burrus was elected as president for a two-year term, and Michelle LaFayette, Adam Mefford, Ann Burford Merchlewitz , Joséphine Oshiafi and David Ringhausen were elected as Alumni Association Directors for five-year terms.

President-Elect Burrus resides in Arenzville and served on the Illinois College Board of Trustees as an elected alumni trustee from 2003-2008. Currently, she serves on the Illinois College President’s Advisory Council for Purpose, Passion & Philanthropy and on the Illinois College Agribusiness Advisory Board.

LaFayette who resides in Chicago, graduated IC with a Bachelor of Arts degree in history and polictical science. She has served on the Workers’ Compensation Law Section Council for the Illinois State Bar Association and is currently on the Board of Directors of the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Association.

Mefford, of Jacksonville, currently serves as the chief of police for the city of Jacksonville, and currently serves on the Illinois College Alcohol and Other Drug Task Force. Mefford was inducted into the IC Sports Hall of Fame in 2018.

Merchlewitz, of Winona, Minnesota currently serves as general counsel and university secretary at Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota, where she has been employed since 1992.

Oshiafi, of New York, came to Illinois College in 2010 as an international student from Lagos, Nigeria. She graduated as valedictorian, earning her degree in international studies and management and organizational leadership. She currently practices law as a cooperate lawyer.

Ringhausen, of Dallas, Texas,Ringhausen has worked in the power industry for

35 years. He is a registered engineer in Texas and a member of the American

Society of Mechanical Engineers and played an instrumental role in developing IC’s

Engineering Advisory Board.

The Illinois College Alumni Association is comprised of alumni

representatives elected to advance their alma mater through participation

in alumni board meetings, specific committee work and helping the Office of

Development and Alumni Relations.