I.C. Fine Arts Series “Death By Chocolate” Fundraiser In New Venue This Sunday

By Benjamin Cox on February 11, 2023 at 1:52pm

The Illinois College Fine Arts Series holds one of its largest fundraisers this Sunday.

Death By Chocolate will be 3-5PM on Sunday, February 12th. Fine Arts Series Committee spokesperson Terri Benz says that if you have an appetite for all things chocolate, this is the event for you: “This is a really fun event. We do have all kinds of chocolate from chocolate peanut butter bark or chocolate mint bark to chocolate mousse and one made with bourbon, and we have homemade chocolate decadent ice cream – all kinds of things. It’s just great fun. We have the I.C. Faculty Jazz Quartet playing, and that consists of Tim Kramer on keyboards, Christian Secrist on the saxophone, Tyler Carpenter on the drums, and Rob Killam on bass – all faculty at Illinois College in the music department. To have that in the background is so much fun. When people are enjoying the decadence of what is on the buffet table and to hear that music in the background and just the fellowship and co-mingling of music lovers and chocolate lovers, it’s just a great time.”

Benz says there is one last minute change to the event’s venue this year: “For ticket holders and to those who might still buy tickets, we’ve had a change in venue that just happened [Friday] morning. This was to be held at Barnes House, President Farley’s home, which is where we have held it in the past. Due to unforeseen circumstances, we’ve had to move it to the Baxter Hall. For those who maybe were at our Tales After Dark event a few years ago, that’s where we held that event [at Baxter]. It has a beautiful patio that opens up from that fireside room. We’ve moved it to that spot. You can still park at McGaw Fine Arts Center and walk over or maybe find a spot to park on Park Street.”

Admission to the event is $20 or you may purchase tickets from any I.C. Fine Arts Series Committee member. For more information and to purchase tickets, please contact Jennifer Phebus at 217-245-3192 or email jennifer.phebus@ic.edu.