I.C. Gears Up for Big Top on the Hill Top Homecoming Weekend

By Jeremy Coumbes on October 25, 2019 at 8:52am

It’s Homecoming Weekend at Illinois College, and this year IC students and alumni celebrate circus style with a theme of the Big Top on the Hill Top.

Karen Homolka (Hom-ol-ka), Assistant Dean of Student Success said over 400 students attended the pep-rally that kicked off the festive week on Monday night. The students attended many sports events including a class Powder Puff flag Football Game, and the IC girls Volleyball team took on MacMurray in the Volley for the Cure Match for breast cancer awareness.

Holmoka said the weekend kickoff event students look forward to is the annual Homecoming Follies happening at Rammelkamp Chapel at 8 pm Friday night.

It’s a big talent competition between, individuals, groups, organizations. They can win big prizes if they do well in the show. There is singing, dancing, some comedy skits sometimes, just all sorts of a variety of acts. And that event kind of culminates with the crowing of the 2019 homecoming court.”

Stephaine Chipman, Vice President of External Relations said there are pelnty of events for alumni as well.

We are so excited to welcome our alumni back for wine and cheese on Friday, that will take place at Crispen Hall. Then we start bright and early on Saturday morning, with the 5K, with a kids fun run. We have the parade which is a Jacksonville favorite. Donors can join Illinois College for Lunch Under the Tent, just off of Edgehill and Park from 11:00 till 1:00, on Saturday.”

Chipman said they are also celebrating the 20th anniversary of Karen Homolka serving at the school.

Saturday brings the Homecoming Parade at 10 am. The parade steps off the corner of Church and State Streets in downtown Jacksonville and will feature nearly 100 College and community entries.

The parade route will travel east on State to the downtown square, around the southwest corner of the square counterclockwise, and continue south on Main Street.

The parade will then turn west on College Avenue heading toward Illinois College, turn south on Park Street and end at the Homecoming Celebration Tent on the corner of Edgehill Road and Park Street.

At 1:00 Saturday the football game kicks off against Knox College and the halftime show brings dance and cheer performances as well as the introduction of the homecoming court.

The weekend events finish for the students on Saturday with the formal dance at Cummings Dinning Hall at 8 pm.