I3 To Begin Construction in Utility Easements

By Benjamin Cox on December 2, 2020 at 11:06am

Jacksonville residents may soon have construction crews in their front or back yards this month. In a joint press release from the City of Jacksonville and I3 broadband today, i3 Broadband says construction crews will be working in both Rights of Way as well as utility easements. The press release says that in many areas, utility easements can be located along the side or rear of your home.

I3 will be laying fiber optic cable infrastructure to bring at least 1-gigabyte Internet service, along with television and voice options. I3 currently has a $2.5 million memorandum of understanding with the city to bring a subscription of fiber optic service to every door within the city’s corporate limits if purchased. Under the agreement, I3 must have 600 residences in the city by the end of the year or face a monetary penalty.

I3 says if the easement of utilities are not restored to a homeowner’s satisfaction, they can call (217) 331-0043, or send an email to info@i3broadband.com with concerns or questions. I3’s MOU with the city is to maintain the broadband system for the next 20 years. Estimated cost of the entire project could possibly reach between $18-$20 million.