IDES Opens Job Centers This Week By Appointment Only

By Benjamin Cox on September 20, 2021 at 9:11am

The Illinois Department of Employment Security will be reopening all of its job centers this week.

As of today, all 18 offices around the state will reopen. IDES Director Kim Richards says people must call and make an appointment to come in: “We would just encourage anyone seeking assistance, particularly those individuals that are looking for employment services, assistance finding a job, updating their resume, using a resource room in order to access the computer. Those locations are available for their use. At an IDES office you can receive assistance registering for, which is a powerful labor exchange tool that posts job openings across the state. You can receive assistance documenting your work search activities in order to maintain eligibility for unemployment insurance.”

To make an appointment, call the IDES Hotline at: 217-558-0401. You can also start your own job search and find others resources online at