IDHS Launches Education Website About Recreational Cannabis Usage

By Benjamin Cox on March 9, 2020 at 2:06pm

The Illinois Department of Human Services has launched a new website for people seeking information about recreational cannabis.

Let’s Talk Cannabis will be an easy to use fact sheet style website for people seeking information about safe use about the drug. They also are on Facebook and Instagram.

IDHS Division of Substance Abuse and Recovery Director Dani Kirby says that the resource will help the public get the facts: “The information on the fact sheets will have clear and objective facts just so that people will understand what the law includes and doesn’t include; what’s legal, what’s not legal; and information about safe use. We learned from other states that when legal cannabis launches, there’s often a lot of questions. We see a lot of chatter even now on social media about what’s legal and what isn’t legal. We just wanted to have everything in one place so that everyone will know what the facts are and where to find them.”

A statewide social, digital and radio advertisement campaign will accompany the website. Downloadable fact sheets can be found on the site and can be shared by community partners or anyone interested in learning about safe and legal use.

IDHS Division of Substance Use Prevention and Recovery partnered with Prevention First, an Illinois based non-profit that provides substance use prevention services, and Rescue, an award-winning agency that has developed similar campaigns for California and Vermont and is well known for developing public awareness campaigns, to launch the website.