IDOT Officials Warn Deer Mating Season Means More on the Roads

By Jeremy Coumbes on October 6, 2020 at 9:12am

It’s mating season for deer, so the Illinois Department of Transportation is urging drivers to be careful on the road.

More than 40% of all vehicle crashes involving deer occur in October, November and December. Illinois Department of Transportation Spokesperson Paul Wappel says, that is why it is a good idea to pay close attention as you are driving.

“We want to remind drivers to keep a watchful eye out, and remember – Don’t Veer of Deer. That is what we say is the cardinal rule, you know it’s instinctive to swerve when you come up on a deer in the road, but do your best to hang on and not to drive into oncoming traffic.

If you see a deer please sole down, prepare for the unexpected because a deer may stop in the middle of the road or double back. Deer can flourish in rural, suburban, and urban environments, it’s doesn’t matter, and if a collision is inevitable, try to glance your vehicle off of the deer to avoid swerving into the opposite lanes of traffic.”

Wappel says if you see one deer, there are likely more to follow and be prepared in case deer stop in the middle of the road or dart back to where they came from.

The top counties for deer-vehicle accidents last year were Cook, Madison, Sangamon, Will and Fulton.