IDOT Warns Heat and Humidity Can Cause Pavement to Buckle

By Jeremy Coumbes on July 8, 2020 at 9:14am


The Illinois Department of Transportation is warning drivers to keep an eye out for bulging pavement as high temperatures continue in the mid-west.

Extreme heat and humidity like the state is experiencing right now can cause pavement to expand and buckle.

IDOT Spokesperson Paul Wappel says buckling occurs when the pavement gets very hot, causing it to expand.

We’ve seen some already, and they occur typically when there’s prolonged high temperatures, and humidity is also a factor too. The higher the humidity and the heat, unfortunately that’s a good recipe to have a blowout or to see some of the road buckle up.

You know it’s impossible to predict where or when failures may occur, and IDOT crews are out monitoring the situation ready to respond, but we are reminding motorists to please remain alert for slowing traffic, and please slow down and move over for maintenance workers when you see them,”

Pavement failures can be reported to IDOT by calling 800-452-4368 or by reaching out to law enforcement via 911.

Wappel says motorists who must travel during extreme heat are urged to carry drinking water. Becoming stranded could be dangerous without proper hydration, as dehydration can occur quickly in these conditions.