IDPH issues urgent message to refrain from using synthetic cannabinoids

By Gary Scott on April 6, 2018 at 1:16pm

The Illinois Department of Public Health is releasing an urgent warning not to use fake pot, K2, Spice, fake marijuana, Black Mamba, and other synthetic cannabinoids, especially if they were bought within the past month.

People using these drugs have recently had severe bleeding – coughing up blood, blood in their urine, bleeding gums and eyes, and severe nose bleeds.

Several people who have had severe bleeding and used these drugs tested positive for rat poison in their blood.  It appears the fake marijuana was laced with the rat poison. The rat poison is what is causing the severe bleeding. Health officials believe that all brands of fake marijuana may have been laced with rat poison. No brand is safe.

Health officials need help getting the word out that these drugs may be laced with rat poison and should not be used.  If you use these drugs or know people who do, don’t use them and tell people you know not to use them.

If someone has used them and starts bleeding heavily, they need to be taken to the hospital emergency department immediately.  Two people have died, so this can be a deadly situation. Click here for more information.