IESA State Track Results

By Benjamin Cox on May 11, 2024 at 8:43pm

The following are only for area schools and the top 3 finishers.

Team Scores
Boys 2A 8th Grade
t-2. Winchester

Girls 1A 8th Grade
3. Jacksonville-Our Saviour

Individual Results
Boys Shot Put 1A 7th Grade
1. Cutter Kirgan – Pleasant Hill

Boys Long Jump 1A 7th Grade
3. Jason Hoots – Greenfield

Boys High Jump 1A 8th Grade
3. Drake Smith – Palmyra-Northwestern

Boys Discus 2A 7th Grade
3. Liam Lemons – North Greene

Girls Pole Vault 2A 7th Grade
t-3. Adie Stinson – New Berlin

Girls Discus 1A 8th Grade
1. Chloe McAdams – Carrollton-St. John’s

Boys 400m run 1A 8th Grade
1. Collyn Forbis – Kinderhook-Western

Boys 110m Hurdles 1A 7th Grade
3. Clinton Dowland – Greenfield

Boys 100m Dash 1A 7th Grade
2. Jason Hoots – Greenfield

Boys Discus 1A 7th Grade
2. Cutter Kirgan – Pleasant Hill

Boys 4x20m Relay 2A 8th Grade
1. Winchester

Boys 200m Dash 1A 7th Grade
1. Jason Hoots – Greenfield

Boys 800m Run 1A 8th Grade
3. Collyn Forbis – Kinderhook-Western

Boys 4x400m Relay 2A 8th Grade
1. Winchester

Girls 400m Run 1A 8th Grade
1. Millie Schumacher – Jacksonville-Our Saviour

Girls 400m Run 2A 7th Grade
2. Wynter Robeen – North Greene

Girls 100m Hurdles 2A 8th Grade
3. Maci Peterson – Winchester

Girls Discus 1A 7th Grade
1. Hadley Lake – Carrollton-St. John’s
2. Elizabeth Hirst – Pleasant Hill

Girls Discus 2A 8th Grade
2. Alayna Schmidt – Winchester

Girls 4x100m Relay 1A 8th Grade
2. Jacksonville-Our Saviour

Girls 4x400m Relay 2A 7th Grade
1. North Greene

Classes 3A & 4A IESA Track & Field will be held on May 17th in East Peoria.