IHSA Says ‘No’ To Football District Scheduling, Adds 10 Other Amendment Proposals For Next Year

By Benjamin Cox on December 17, 2019 at 7:46pm

The Illinois High School Association member schools approved 10 amendment proposals in the annual by-law referendum that ended yesterday. They also voted to rescind a new football season scheduling policy set to begin in the 2021 season. As a result, regular season football scheduling and the IHSA Football Playoffs will remain unchanged from their current format.

The IHSA also approved expansion of invitational tournaments during regular season play, eliminated a requirement for annual determination of classification, moved up the Fall baseball season 1 week, moved the start and end dates of Spring softball and baseball seasons by 1 week, and permits a school to appeal a player ejection due to the misapplication of a rule by an official. Other rule changes involved changes in swimming, lacrosse, and wrestling.

The online ballots were tabulated and certified in the IHSA Office today.