IL Congressional Republicans Chide IL Democrats Over “Sham Process” as Congressional Redistricting Hearings Begin

By Benjamin Cox on October 8, 2021 at 8:42am

A preliminary map released in February 2020 of proposed Congressional Districts. IL Democrats have yet to reveal their map since the release of US Census Data.

The Illinois Republican Congressional Delegation feel like the residents of the State of Illinois are being scammed by State Democrats on the Congressional redistricting process.

That was the sentiment released in a joint release by the 5 Republican Congress people yesterday:

In Springfield and Washington, Illinois Democrats like to talk about empowering voters, but their sham redistricting process shows they only care about protecting their own political power. Illinois citizens have been clear that they want an independent redistricting process free of political influence, but as we speak, Democrat lawmakers are picking their own voters behind closed doors.

“We would hope Governor Pritzker keeps his campaign promise to veto any map drawn by politicians, but our failed governor has shown twice already that he’s perfectly fine with lying to the people of Illinois if it means his party can stay in power. The Democrats’ corruption in Illinois will continue as long as Pritzker and Democrats in Springfield can pre-ordain the results of elections before voters cast a ballot.” 

According to Capitol News Illinois, only one person testified at the scheduled Congressional Redistricting yesterday in Chicago. Ryan Tolley, policy director for the advocacy group CHANGE Illinois, urged the House Redistricting Committee to listen to community groups and afford them more opportunity than they had during the legislative redistricting process to review any proposed new maps before they are voted on.

The new Congressional maps have not yet been revealed. State lawmakers are expected to vote on them during the Fall veto session beginning October 19th. The next public hearing is set for Noon Tuesday in Joliet.