IL Judiciary Board Files Complaint Against Adrian Over Dismissal of Sex Assault Conviction

By Benjamin Cox on June 22, 2022 at 9:07am

Photo Courtesy of the IL Associated Press

The Illinois Judiciary Inquiry Board filed a complaint on Friday against an 8th Judicial Circuit Judge who has been under scrutiny for vacating a conviction in October of last year.

The Illinois Judiciary Inquiry Board has filed a complaint against Adams County Circuit Judge Robert Adrian for vacating the sexual assault conviction of 18 year old Drew Clinton of Quincy in October of last year.

The Chicago Daily Law Bulletin says that Adrian was called to testify before the board in April to explain his decision in reversing the guilty verdict. The board’s complaint says that Adrian explained his decision to reverse his finding of guilt in the sexual assault case was based upon the evidence and his conclusion that the prosecution had not proved beyond reasonable doubt that the victim could not give consent. Adrian also allegedly testified that his reversal was not an effort to “thwart the law.” The JIB alleged in its complaint that this testimony was false, and Adrian knew it was false when he made the statements.

The complaint says that Adrian failed to uphold the integrity and independence of the judiciary, failed to avoid impropriety and the appearance of impropriety in his judicial activities, and failed to perform the duties of judicial office impartially and diligently.

The complaint now heads to the Illinois Courts Commission, who will hold a public hearing to determine whether the evidence in the board’s complaint warrants a reprimand, censure, suspension, or removal from office.

Chief Judge of the 8th Judicial Circuit J. Frank McCartney of Pike County stripped Adrian of the ability to preside over criminal cases in the circuit and remanded him to assignments in small claims, legal matters, and probate on January 13th after Adrian told Adams County Lead Trial Attorney Josh Jones to get out of his courtroom after Adrian had learned that Jones had responded in favor of a social media post critical of Adrian’s decision to vacate Clinton’s conviction.

No timeline has been given on when the Illinois Courts Commission will hear Adrian’s case.