IL Looking To Add Mental Health Days For K-12 Students

By Benjamin Cox on March 4, 2020 at 8:19am

Illinois lawmakers are discussing whether or not to give students in the state mental health days off from school. Senate Bill 2473 would mandate public schools to allow students five mental health school days per year.

Critics of the proposed bill said mental health days should fall under the current sick day guidelines in place. Proponents of the bill cite CDC statistics of 4.4 million children have been diagnosed with anxiety and 1.9 million have been diagnosed with depression here in the United States as a need to help students. Upticks in school stress, bullying, and social media harassment as well as trauma at home have also been reasons for the bill. Illinois’ state averages in mental health issues are also above the national average.

The Illinois bill is still in committee and has not made its way toward a vote in either chamber yet.