IL Population Loss 2nd Worst In the U.S.

By Benjamin Cox on December 24, 2020 at 9:02am

Graph courtesty of Wirepoints

Illinois has set an ominous record for population loss. In statistics released Tuesday by the U.S. Census bureau, the state saw its 7th straight year of decline. The estimated population loss between July 2019 and July of this year was the second highest in the country, behind only New York State. The state saw a loss of over 79,000 people, it’s worst decline since the 1940s.

According to population analysts, Illinois is losing people faster than it is gaining. The U.S. Census bureau estimates that over a quarter of a million people have left the state since 2010, which is about triple the loss of other states during the same time period. Previous census bureau estimates show that West Central Illinois and Southeastern Illinois are places where the highest amount of out-migration has occurred.

The United States population has also slowed in growth. According to the statistics released this week, the country’s population only grew by about a third of a percentage point, which is the lowest its been in over a century. The U.S. Population is estimated to be about 329 million people.