IL Secretary of State Made Over $40 Million On Selling Driver’s License Data

By Benjamin Cox on November 29, 2019 at 9:17am

The Illinois Secretary of State’s Office made $41 million this year selling driver’s license information. According to a report from Rich Miller of Capitol Fax, Illinois Secretary of State spokesperson Dave Druker reported that the state generated revenue of $41 million this year and is expected to get $44 million next year in providing information to law enforcement, courts, government agencies, insurance companies and employers hiring people, especially for driving positions. The information is compliance with the national Driver’s Privacy Protection Act and state law.

The information that is usually included in the sale information is names, physical addresses, and car registration information. The information does not include a person’s social security number. Druker said that the companies who buy the information must meet agreements signed off on by the state’s legal department and the information cannot be used for commercial solicitation. The money generated by the Secretary of State’s office goes to the state’s general fund.