IL Supreme Court Extends Eviction Moratorum To Sept. 18

By Benjamin Cox on September 1, 2021 at 2:07pm

The Illinois Supreme Court announced on Monday that the state would be extending its eviction moratorium.

The court-announced order will extend the temporary stay on certain residential evictions has been pushed to September 18th. The previous order to stay evictions was slated to end today.

The new order also includes provisions that exempt cases where rental assistance is clearly not viable and there is no reason to delay trial. Courts are to generally defer to the rental assistance programs for eligibility determinations, only substituting their own assessments when the matter is clear and free from doubt. The order also permits landlords to challenge the veracity of a tenant’s declaration.

Residents in Cass County can call Western Illinois Dreamers at 224-501-4479 or the Illinois Migrant Council at 815-995-0300 for assistance options. Those in need of legal assistance in the entire listening area may call the Land of Lincoln Legal Assistance at 855-631-0811. For all other counties, visit or call 866-454-3571.