Illinois corn planting ahead of five year average

By Ryne Turke on May 3, 2016 at 12:44pm

Increased rainfall slowed down the planting progress this week and kept farmers out of the fields.

The latest USDA crop report shows Illinois averaged 1.64 inches of precipitation for the week, up 0.74 inches from normal. Local farmers were only able to get three days of work in the fields.

Crop statistician Mark Schleusener says Illinois farmers are still in good shape though.

“Corn planting advanced 24 points to 66 percent complete, compared with 58 percent one year ago and 38 percent for the five year average. Corn has emerged on 25 percent of acres, compared to 12 percent normally,” says Schleusener.

In the West Southwest District, 79 percent of the corn crop has been planted and 44 percent has emerged.

Soybean planting is now at nine percent complete, the same as a year ago and slightly ahead of the five year average. Eleven percent of soybeans in the local district are in the ground.

Topsoil in the local district was seven percent short, 77 percent adequate and 16 percent surplus. Subsoil was 11 percent short, 85 percent adequate and four percent surplus.

Temperatures were up slightly in Illinois. The average temperature was reported at 58 degrees, up 1.3 degrees from normal. The West Southwest District registered an average temperature of 61.8 degrees, which was almost four degrees above normal.