Illinois farmers receive much needed rain

By Ryne Turke on July 12, 2016 at 12:43pm

Numbers on the corn and soybean crops seem to be improving, says crop statistician Mark Schleusener.

“For soybeans, 39-percent of acres are now blooming, seven-percent are setting pods, compared to four-percent normally. The condition of the soybean crop was rated seven-percent very poor to poor, 19 fair and 74 percent good to excellent, slightly better than one week ago. Fifty-three percent of corn acres are now silking, compared to 47-percent one year ago and 43-percent for the five-year average. The corn crop’s condition improved and was rated six-percent very poor to poor, 18 fair and 76-percent good to excellent,” says Schleusener.

In the local district, corn is silking at 72-percent. As for soybeans, the crop is blooming at 48-percent and nine-percent is setting pods.

Topsoil in the West Southwest District was seven-percent very short, 10-percent short, 79-percent adequate and four-percent surplus.

Subsoil in the local district was five-percent very short, 13 percent short, 80-percent adequate and two-percent surplus.

The local district received just under three days suitable for fieldwork.

The state-wide average temperature of 74.5 degrees was similar to the local district.

The West Southwest District received 1.69 inches of rainfall, nearly half an inch under the state average.