Illinois Stop-gap Budget To Expire

By Benjamin Cox on December 28, 2016 at 8:34am

Illinois is facing yet another financial crisis. In June, after a year without a budget, the Illinois Legislature passed a stop-gap budget that funded the state through the end of the year. That end of the year deadline is now just a few days away and Illinois is still no closer to a state budget.










State Representative CD Davidsmeyer says he is worried about state workers after the stop-gap budget expires.


Davidsmeyer says that while the stop-gap measure funded the state temporarily, it was not an actual budget.


Davidsmeyer criticized Illinois Speaker of the House Mike Madigan’s plan to restart “working groups” of lawmakers to address the budget issue.


The State Legislature is scheduled to return to Springfield on January 9th, it is unclear what, if any, action will be taken about the budget when they reconvene.