Illinois Working with Banks to Offer Stimulus Check Cashing for Those Without Bank Accounts

By Jeremy Coumbes on May 1, 2020 at 11:11am

Recipients of paper stimulus checks who do not have bank accounts now have more options for cashing their check.

The Illinois Department of Professional and Financial Regulation announced new options for Illinoisans to cash federal stimulus checks without incurring check cashing fees.

IDFPR Officials say they have worked with industry associations, advocacy groups, and individual banks, to provide a number of banking institutions that are able to work with non-customers on cashing their stimulus checks for free.

U.S. Bank, as well as Chase, Wells Fargo, and First Midwest among others are working with IDFPR to provide stimulus check cashing services.

The FDIC estimates that over 22% of Illinois households are under or un-banked, and say many of these households will be receiving paper stimulus checks and will have few check cashing options.

IDFPR Officials say in order to ensure proper social distancing and that everyone has the proper identification to cash their federal stimulus check, individuals interested in these options should contact one of the listed banks directly, or email IDFPR at to set up an appointment.