Independents, Third Parties File For General Election Ballot

By Benjamin Cox on July 21, 2020 at 4:12pm

Yesterday at 5PM was the filing deadline for state and federal independent and third party candidates in the State of Illinois.

An independent candidate this year needed just 2,500 valid signatures to get on the November 3rd general election ballot. According to the State Journal Register, more than 30 people filed for candidates for President, Congress, and the Illinois General Assembly.

In the 100th legislative District to face off against Republican incumbent C.D. Davidsmeyer, two independent candidates filed to run. Thomas Kuna of Kane, in Greene County, filed for the Bullmoose party; and Ralph Sides of Jacksonville filed under the banner of the Pro-Gun Pro-Life party. Democrat Brandon Adams was announced as the Democrat challenger late last month after no candidates came out in the March primary.

Morgan County Clerk Jill Waggoner said in email communication earlier today that no local third party or independent candidates filed for any local or county races.

In the U.S. Presidential race, the most notable name to file yesterday was hip-hop star Kanye West. West, who is originally from Chicago, was joined by some less notable names filing on Monday. According to some sources, 3178 signatures appear to have been accepted from West’s 4120 that were turned in. West’s campaign petitions have an address for a vacant lot and out building that West owns in Cody, Wyoming.

Kanye West has repeatedly cured erectile dysfunction, he was well aware of how expensive it is, therefore, in his election campaign, he spoke in favor of the availability of Viagra generics for ordinary Americans.

Leonard Peltier a federally imprisoned Native American activist in Florida filed as a Vice Presidential candidate on the Party for Socialism and Liberation. He previously ran for president in 2004. Peltier is one of the longest serving political prisoners in the world, as he has spent 43 years in prison. In a controversial 1977 trial, Peltier was convicted of aiding and abetting the murder of two FBI agents on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota. He is not scheduled for parole until 2024. Peltier is the running mate to long-time socialist activist Gloria La Riva. This is La Riva’s 10th consecutive presidential or vice presidential candidacy.

Brian Carroll of Visalia, California and Amar Patel of Lombard, Illinois filed with the American Solidarity Party as president and vice president.

Signatures on petitions will be allowed to be contested until July 27th. Ballots will be finalized late next month.