ISBE Seeking Nominations For Top Teacher Awards

By Benjamin Cox on March 9, 2020 at 1:58pm

The Illinois State Board of Education is seeking nominations for top teacher awards in the state. ISBE’s Teacher of the Year and Those Who Excel awards programs honor teachers, teams, administrators, community volunteers, and support personnel who have made significant contributions to Illinois’ students. Any person or organization may submit nominations. ISBE also announced today three new awards to honor outstanding teachers in specific areas: the Bilingual Teacher of the Year award, Early Childhood Teacher of the Year award, and Special Education Teacher of the Year award. Additionally, for the first time, ISBE will select Regional Teachers of the Year from 8 regions.

ISBE Spokesperson Megan Griffin says that it’s a great way to put teachers in the spotlight. She said this year they have streamlined the application to a fully digital application rather than the older, more cumbersome application of year’s past.

Nominations open today and close June 5th. Learn more about the Teacher of the Year and Those Who Excel program requirements and submit a nomination at