ISP issues 24 hour law enforcement detail to honor late trooper

By Benjamin Cox on March 28, 2018 at 9:32am

Semi-truck and other commercial motor vehicle drivers be on the look out for any issues with your vehicle. Illinois State Police are on a 24 hour statewide detail to focus on making Illinois roads safer by hosting commercial motor vehicle checks.

This enforcement is to honor the late Trooper James Sauter. This is the 5th straight year ISP will be out in full force. ISP will have details held all across the state and won’t stick to a particular stretch of road.

Illinois State Police Public Information Officer Lt. Matt Doerwinkle talks about the history of this enforcement and why it’s important.

“This particular incident involving James Sauter was unfortunate and it was due to driver fatigue. Brought on by operating excessive hours behind the wheel of a commercial motor vehicle and the driver claimed that he was sleepy and claimed to have fallen asleep and wasn’t paying attention to the road way in front of him and struck Trooper Sauter and killed him. In recognition of that, we are wanting to, on the anniversary date of his passing, in the line of duty, we are out there trying to make a difference and ensuring commercial motor vehicles are operating safely.” said Doerwinkle.

During last year’s 24 hour enforcement, ISP conducted 1437 truck inspections and 138 commercial vehicles were placed out of service because of a mechanical issue. That means anything that causes any driving issues. Illinois State Police also wrote 624 warnings and 123 citations.

In 2016, ISP issued 190 citations and 1,037 warnings.

Doerwinkle breaks down the different ways police will inspect the vehicles.

“This is mainly focused on commercial motor vehicles. It will be your 18 wheeler type of vehicles, box trucks and similar classification. They maybe stopped for, to look at, just to make sure those vehicles are being operated safely. They can safely conduct a detail on a particular stretch of road, that they can conduct that and do some motor care safety inspections, looking for log books, total hours driven, looking at the vehicles, make sure they are all in the safety regulations and have the proper safety equipment.” Doerwinkle said.

The enforcement detail will last until Midnight tonight.