ISP Step Up Patrols & Measures Ahead of Election

By Benjamin Cox on November 2, 2020 at 1:08pm

The Illinois State Police are working ahead to ensure public safety prior to the election tomorrow. ISP has been working for months to prepare for the event, preparing in readiness exercises and utilizing the state’s Terrorism and Intelligence Center to analyze potential threats.

ISP Director Brendan Kelly says that the work will continue through tomorrow: “The Illinois State Police will support state, local, and federal partners as need for threats to public officials, bomb threats, suspicious packages, and other serious criminal investigations that could be related to elections. We’ve been planning for months with readiness exercises with a our state and local partners. Since its inception the statewide Terrorism and Intelligence Center has supported elected officials in information sharing analysis of security events.”

Kelly says extra patrols will be available to support county and local police departments with any issues at polling places tomorrow.