ISP To Implement New Tech To Help With FOID/CCL Apps

By Benjamin Cox on January 15, 2020 at 1:53pm

The Illinois State Police are working to make the FOID and Concealed Carry Licensing process easier for Illinois residents.

According to the Illinois State Police, nearly 25,000 applications come into their office each month at various stages in the process. WICS reported last Thursday that there are currently 62,000 applications under review currently that includes new cards, renewals, and changes.

Beth Hunsdorfer, Chief Public Information Officer with the State Police said via email this week that ISP is currently working on hiring more staff to go through the applications and is currently working on new innovative ways to expedite the rigorous process. NBC 5 Chicago reported that the Firearms Services Bureau that handles the calls for the FOID only employed 5 people to handle the calls about the application process.

Hundsdorfer said that a new Voice over IP address call solution will be implemented sometime this Spring to handle some of the more significant issues and changes that applicants may have. The new technology is expected to cost $750,000, with a recurring monthly cost of $10,000. The new technology will with completion of applications without having to speak to agent, It will populate their computer with information ahead of receiving a caller, to better and more quickly assist them. The call flow allows callers to select their specific issues and potentially resolve them without speaking to an agent. The system will also enable a person to request a call back without having to remain on the line. In addition, it will provide callers the ability to renew a FOID card or Concealed Carry License with no address change over the phone, including payment, without speaking to a live agent.

Hundsdorfer said that the Firearms Services Bureau is working to make the application more efficient on top of implementing the new technology.

Gun owners in the state are still awaiting a ruling on the FOID card in the Illinois State Supreme Court. A three-judge panel denied a request from the Guns Save Life group for an emergency suspension of the FOID last month while the court case is decided.