It was an unusually warm month of March in Jacksonville

By Gary Scott on April 2, 2016 at 12:24pm

The average temperature was 48.5 degrees at our radio station’s recording gauge, which is about eight degrees above normal, according to WLDS-WEAI recordkeeping. That’s not quite the warmest March on record, which is 2012, when it averaged 55.9 degrees.

We nearly got to a record high on March 1st, when we hit a high of 66 degrees. That’s just two degrees shy of the record, set in 1972 and 1967. Our high was 77 degrees on March 9th, which was three degrees shy of the record set in 2000 for that date.

We didn’t get any snow last month, which is unusual. We usually get about three to four inches. We did measure more precipitation than normal, with 3.52 inches totaled. That’s about three-quarters of an inch higher than the average.