J.H.S. Invites Veterans, Active Duty Service Members to Veterans Day School Assembly

By Jeremy Coumbes on November 7, 2019 at 6:23pm

Jacksonville High School will continue a more recent tradition next week during a school wide assembly.

J.H.S. Is inviting active duty and veterans of the armed forces to attend the school wide assembly on Monday in honor of Veterans Day.

J.H.S. Principal Andrea Lee said that the assembly and open invitation to veterans and active duty members had been going on for a while when she came to the district last year.

We have a guest speaker, and our J.H.S. Madrigals sing, and the band plays. Then there is a small reception afterward for any of the veterans and active military that participate”

The assembly will be held on Monday at 2:30 pm at the JHS auditorium. Any veteran or active duty member of the armed services are welcomed to attend the program, which is scheduled to last about 40 minutes.

This year’s speaker is Captain Fahlsing, of the U.S. Army. Lee said that any veterans or active duty personnel who want to attend will be welcomed when they arrive.

‘We have students that are outside of the auditorium to meet them and give them a program when they arrive, and they are welcome to call the school ahead of time if they have any questions, otherwise if they are just here before 2:30, then we will make sure they have everything they need to know.”

Lee said that School Guidance Counselor Sherri McLaughlin organizes the event every year, and that it is always a great and meaningful assembly for all who attend.

For more information for veterans and active duty members wishing to attend the assembly, you can call the Jacksonville High School main office at 217-243-4384.