Jacksonville Airport Holding Public Safety Seminar Tomorrow

By Benjamin Cox on March 10, 2022 at 8:48am

The Jacksonville Airport is hosting a special seminar tomorrow. The public is welcome to join the seminar as members of the airport staff and the FAA will talk about airplane and airport safety.

Airport Manager Shastin Saxer says they try to do this seminar occasionally for the local pilot community and the public: “This Friday at 6 o’clock out here at the terminal building at the airport, we are going to have a safety seminar. We try to put these on every few years. They are very well-received by the local pilot community, but they are open to the public. Anyone that is interested in aviation or who just wants to come and check out the airport, either way, they are more than welcome to attend. At the seminar, there will be representatives from the FAA safety team. They are going to be giving a presentation on situational awareness for pilots.”

Saxer says that the airport is reopening to the public once again after the pandemic put many things on hold. He says the young eagle rides along with piloting classes will be returning this year.

Saxer says that the public should keep checking the airport’s website flyijx.com for more upcoming events as the weather continues to warm up.