Jacksonville-Based Chiropractor Indicted in Federal Court on Fraud Charges

By Benjamin Cox on June 7, 2024 at 1:08pm

A Jacksonville based chiropractor has been indicted in federal court on multiple counts of fraud.

Dr. Sean Rondeau has been indicted on federal charges of health care fraud, mail fraud, and wire fraud in attachment to his practices formerly based in the Cedar Commons on West Morton Avenue in Jacksonville and his practice in White Hall.

According to federal charging documents, Rondeau allegedly submitted false and fraudulent health insurance claims through software to health care insurance provider Blue Cross-Blue Shield of Illinois. The submissions are said to have contained claims for payment for supplies and services that never occurred or never existed. The scheme allegedly involved 7 patients’ treatment forms for various prescribed treatments considered to be physical therapy.

Rondeau is due for an arraignment on the charges on June 25th in Springfield in front of Magistrate Judge Karen L. McNaught.