Jacksonville Center for the Arts group Names New Director

By Benjamin Cox on October 18, 2021 at 5:46pm

An artist's rendering of a potential Civic Center building.

The Jacksonville Center For the Arts has announced they have selected a new Director. Gene Fergurson was selected at the group’s September 30th business meeting.

JCA President Larry Kuster noted Fergurson’s years as a public school administrator and work in the public education sector that will bring valuable skills to the group.

Kuster went on to note in the press release that the JCA board is not working to redistribute funds to other entities. Calling allegations of the redistribution of funds raised over the past six years“untrue” in the press release, Kuster called the opening of a civic center in Jacksonville a cultural and economic benefit for the community and the group’s ultimate goal.

Kuster is referencing the splintering of the Jacksonvillle Center for the Arts Group that occurred back in August. Former President Dr. Susan Weller, former Treasurer Josh Mariage, and former Secretary Sonie Smith all resigned and formed an alternative non-profit known as Jax Civic Center, which has entered into an agreement to form a similar project in the upper levels of the former Jenkins Education Complex at the former MacMurray College Campus.

The JCA group first started in 2015 in hopes of bringing a new arts & civic center to North Main Street near Downtown Jacksonville.