Jacksonville Children’s Foundation Awards 2019 Grants

By Benjamin Cox on January 30, 2020 at 8:53am

Pictured (left to right) – Micki Prevett – JCF Board Member, Hayden Leonard – Eagle Scouts, Tina Hungerford – Jacksonville Sports Association Roller League, Kari Lowery and Brittany Law – Murrayville Woodson PTO, Lori Hartz and Scott Boston – Passavant Hospital

The Jacksonville Children’s Foundation Board of Directors received grant request proposals from various member organizations serving children in the Jacksonville area. Yesterday, the foundation announced the grant recipients from the late Minnie Barr Foundation. Rebecca Fletcher says that the goals of the grants are to support any child-centric initiatives to help promote the life, health, and education of children in the Jacksonville area.

Pictured (l to r): Micky Prevett – Westfair Christian Academy/JCF Board Member, Teegan Lund – Camp Care-A-Lot, Jim Pisell – Jacksonville Heritage Cultural Center, Kristy Gebhardt – Virginia CUSD #64, Marilyn Sorrill, Jordan Robinson, Steve Cantrell, Mickey Torres – Jacksonville Dreams Center Foundation, Darrin Seymour – JCF Board Member, Brad Walkenhorst – Jacksonville Dreams Center Foundation

The Foundation may provide initial, but not sustaining funding for many of the programs. Westfair Christian Academy, Camp Care-a-lot, the Jacksonville Heritage Cultural Center, Virginia School District, the Dream Center Foundation, Passavant Area Hospital, the Eagle Scouts, Jacksonville Sports Association Roller Hockey League, and the Murrayville Woodson PTO were the recipients for funding for various projects from the Children’s Foundation. Fletcher says that the money for the programs each year come from a trust fund set up by Minnie Barr and her husband Oscar on their farmland that makes money each year. The only costs that come out of the fund is operational costs for the farm.

Fletcher says that potential applicants can find the applications on their website and the foundation has an annual meeting in October which the applicants give a presentation for the project that their potential grant request would good to. The board makes their annual decision on the grants in November or December.