Jacksonville City Clerk: “Trash Bills Not Going on Water Bills”

By Jeremy Coumbes on January 10, 2023 at 6:20pm

The Jacksonville City Clerk is trying to clear the air on some misinformation about trash service billing.

City Clerk Skip Bradshaw updated the city council members last night now that the city contract with GFL Environmental for residential trash service has gone into effect.

Bradshaw says subcontractors have begun picking up the old Area Waste and Trash Queen trash and recycle containers throughout the city, and GFL has started picking up their containers for residents who opted out of their service.

Bradshaw says one issue his office has had during the first week has been fielding questions from residents hearing rumors that the GFL trash service will be included on their bill from the city for water and sewer service.

Bradshaw says those rumors are simply not true. “I don’t know where the confusion came from because that was never ever in the plan. All bills will be mailed to the individual owners or people who have the trash service, they will not be on the water bills.

The city does not have an ordinance requiring trash service with the water service. So it would be kind of hard to put it on a water bill when you can’t do that.”

Bradshaw says GFL will be sending their own stand-alone bills quarterly just as Area Waste did previously.