Jacksonville County Market To Get Plexiglass Shields For Points of Sale

By Benjamin Cox on March 25, 2020 at 11:52am

A local grocery store is going to be taking extra precautions to protect their cashiers during the coronavirus pandemic. Chris Mulquin, manager of the Jacksonville County Market, says that the store has ordered plexiglass shields to be placed at checkout lanes to protect cashiers and patrons from spreading any possible infections.

Mulquin says the shields should be arriving some time next week to provide the extra barrier. Plexiglass is currently in high demand at other facilities and stores to provide a way for keeping the 6 feet social distancing rule while at the grocery store.

Other stores in the area have marked lines on the floor for customers to stand in line while waiting to make purchases. Many others have also implemented shorter store hours and designated hours of shopping for high risk members of the community.