Jacksonville Family Feud Food Center Fundraiser on Friday

By Benjamin Cox on April 18, 2024 at 9:10am

The survey says it’s a massive fundraiser tomorrow night at K’s Creek for the Jacksonville Food Center.

Sixteen teams will compete for cash and raise money in a Family Feud style format to assist with the Food Center’s budget.

Ryne Turke, organizer of the event, says it was easy to put together: “I had a buddy suggest that I should run a Family Feud. Shout out to Quenton Miller out there. I kind of just ran with it and pitched it to the community. Like always, Jacksonville comes through. Sixteen teams signed up. We are full. I don’t want to do anymore than 16 because I want everybody to have an equal opportunity to compete in the game show. What’s going to happen is Family Feud. We’re going to do the best of 3 rounds. You’ll get points for the top answers. If your team moves along, just like in the Feud and you win your 3-round questions, you move on to the next round. It’s a bracket format. Top 4 teams will do Fast Money. When it comes to Fast Money, whatever team scores the most points wins. For every point you get, you win a dollar; so if you get 500 points – you walk away with $500 in prize money. It should be fast paced and fun.”

Turke says the surveys for the game show were done on actual Jacksonville area residents. If you aren’t on one of the 16 teams, Turke says that you can still come support the Food Center with an at-will donation and order your favorite food and drinks from K’s Creek. Turke says white boards can be used to still participate, even if you aren’t playing in the show.

Melissa Hall of the Jacksonville Food Center says that inflation has cut into the Food Center’s budget, making it harder for them to purchase food for their clients: “We are up on the number of people by 500% from where we were this time last year. The need is here more than ever, so please come out and support this event and have a great time. It’s going to be lots of fun. Eggs are up over 100% in cost from where they used to be, and that’s one of the main items. Most foods are up at least 70%. When people are in need, we tell them to pay their bills and do all of the responsible stuff first and then, they can come to us for food when they have no money left over.”

According to recent budget numbers provided to the Jacksonville City Council this month, the Jacksonville Food Center is currently operating on an over $98,000 deficit for the year between March 2023 and January 2024. The Food Center has on average had food purchase bills of approximately $17,000 a month between August 2023 and January 2024.

Doors open for the Family Feud Fundraising Event at K’s Creek at 6PM. K’s Creek is located at 1265 Sandusky Road.