Jacksonville Gas Prices Bucking Regional, National Trends

By Benjamin Cox on February 10, 2020 at 11:51am

Jacksonville is currently bucking the trend of state and national gas prices. A gallon of unleaded fuel currently sits at $2.36 a gallon on average compared to Springfield’s average of $2.42 and the national average of $2.43. At $50 per barrel, crude oil sits at its cheapest price point in a year. Steady gasoline stock levels and low demand have helped to push the national average lower – a dime cheaper than three weeks ago.

Regional gas stock built up by 700,000 barrels, pushing total stock over 58 million per Energy Information Administration data. Regional stock levels have not been this healthy since March 2019. Stocks are expected to increase this month and push gas prices even cheaper, with the potential for more states in the region selling gas under the $2/gallon mark.