Jacksonville Handsoap Challenge Will Go To Long-Term Care Facilities

By Benjamin Cox on April 6, 2020 at 9:40am

A local Scentsy dealer is pitching in to help local long-term care facilities in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. Amanda Stelling-Price says that she got the idea from a fellow Scentsy representative in another state. “There was a lady who was doing a ‘sponsor a soap’ fundraiser-type deal. I thought that was an amazing idea and I wondered if I might get any interest. Everybody does those Facebook challenges. I thought ‘Why not do a handsoap challenge?’ Let’s donate some handsoap to a nursing home or an essential job that may need some soaps. I just happened to know a worker, a good friend, out at Cedarhurst Assisted Living. I asked her if she would be interested in me donating some Scentsy handsoaps out there. She said that they’d love the idea.”

Price said she got instant reaction on Facebook. “Instantly, like within the hour, I had 10 sponsored soaps. Some people were donating $20, $30, and some were just giving $7. Then, I had a guy this morning ask if we could send some Aperion Care since he used to work there a long time ago. I told him absolutely, depending on the number of people who sponsor soaps and that will be dependent upon how much we can spread out to the community. It’s something fun for people to do at this time, especially when some essential are hard to come by.”

Price said she got involved with Scentsy about a year ago when she got laid off from her full time job. She said the suggested donation is $7 for 1 soap sponsorship. She said Scentsy soaps are $6 and the extra dollar is for coverage of sales tax. She said she is covering the cost of shipping if she gets enough sponsors. However, she wouldn’t turn any size donation away. Price says she’s also working to raise her commission for a separate fundraiser. “I initially kind of got an idea to do a fundraiser from Randy Springer. He’s doing a fundraiser to benefit the food pantries this month with the Heart Challenge. I thought next month with my commission check that I would donate a portion of my check to the Jacksonville Food Pantry.”

You can take part in the Handsoap Challenge by contacting Amanda Stelling-Price on Facebook or her website. She accepts Facebook Pay, PayPal, Venmo, and Apple Pay. To find out more information by phone, you can contact Price by phone or text message at 217-461-0152. Price says a text message is the best option since she works from home.