Jacksonville Man Who Escaped County Jail Receives Probation, Restitution Sentence

By Benjamin Cox on March 2, 2022 at 2:02pm

A Jacksonville man who escaped from the Morgan County Jail for approximately 8 minutes back in January plead guilty to felony escape yesterday in Morgan County Court.

21 year old Daveon L. Mapes of the 1000 block of East Morton Avenue pled guilty to felony escape from a penal institution. Mapes was originally arrested by Jacksonville Police on January 22nd after a brawl at the West Morgan Depot. Mapes was cited for battery in the case.

Mapes was placed in a visitation booth after being booked into the jail. According to reports, Mapes was able to tear out the trim around the glass about 8 hours after his arrest and break out of the booth. Mapes then was able to break through a glass door entrance to the jail and escape on foot. Jacksonville Police and Morgan County Sheriff’s Deputies later located Mapes in the vicinity of Jacksonville Public Library on College Avenue, less than 3 blocks away.

Mapes was sentenced to 2 years of adult probation, a $200 county fine, plus fees and court costs. Mapes was also ordered to pay $700 restitution to the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office for damages incurred at the jail. Mapes other charges were dropped per the plea.